Our not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley is manically obsessed with Tamworth politics. This much we know. You know there is something genuinely wrong with him when he references ‘our town’ continually in his posts when he moved out of it ages ago. You also know something is wrong with him when he fails to see the irony in the hashtags he puts on his posts pretending he doesn’t bully, troll or stalk. He does all of this under the guise of being the ‘good guy’ who never puts a foot wrong.

He never gets challenged anywhere but here on this site, because quite simply he’s blocked anyone who possibly could and would. He lives in an echo chamber of self appreciation and actually thinks he’s right. He is obsessed with the idea that Councillors run this website, something we’ve never confirmed or denied because quite simply we could say anything and no-one would be any the wiser. We will never reveal who we are quite simply because the likes of Brina and others think violence and bullying behaviour is the way to shut people up.

Brina’s spent the last few years anonymously behind his own Facebook groups Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice trashing the reputations and bullying the people he hates most. Conservative Councillors, a specific few in particular. He had no remorse for it, no shame, the posts in fact so far as we know remain up. He has such a bad reputation in this town he dare not ever reveal he is behind these Facebook groups on those groups directly because he knows people who follow them don’t know he is. Quite a few won’t necessarily care, because they generally don’t care about the world around them and are wrapped up in their own. Many would probably search his name and find us, many would probably unfollow his page immediately. He cannot risk that, because he purchased the audiences as an investment, he makes money from Spotted Tamworth, and can’t afford to lose it. He had until we came into existence, basically free run to say and do as he pleased with no challenge. Sadly on Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice he still does.

Then Councillor Richard Kingstone joined in his cause as a disillusioned Tory who fell for Brina’s initial charm. It doesn’t take long to work out it’s all false and he will use whatever you tell him to betray you should you be daft enough to confide. Note though that Councillor Kingstone strangely doesn’t actually ever reference Brina or his groups, but Brina emphatically shares and agrees with his posts. We actually believe that Council Leader Councillor Thomas Jay is probably unable to escape Brina’s clutches because Brina would turn on him in an instant and presumably has lots of juicy information to use against him if Jay ever crossed him. We do wonder sometimes despite our previous stories, whether they’re in an abusive relationship.

Fact is, Paul Brindley has too much of a voice in this town unchecked, unbalanced and unhinged, on Facebook groups that appear to have most of the adult population of Tamworth following them. How is someone allowed to purchase an audience so large and then be allowed to push their biased political agenda at them almost subliminally. Yet he cannot equate his own actions to stalking or bullying. He knows he is not making any of his posts to help the town, he has one goal and that’s to try and destroy the reputations of and have Councillors such as Pritchard and Oates (to name a few) removed from office. You can see this here:

You won’t find any sensible arguments behind these sentiments. No real solid reasons why the likes of Pritchard should just lose the election and why the likes of Paul Keightley a Simpleton who is stuck limpet style to people like Brina and Kingstones’ arse. It is just Brina’s agenda. But it’s not bullying or stalking, oh no no. When you realise that Brina and Kingstone are pals, you start to see a nasty conspiracy in action if you follow their pages.

Just in case you needed reminding…

Brina is going to make hay tomorrow with the candidate announcements. So is Kingstone more than likely. They’re going to go to town and make a huge amount out of the fact that some Tories have moved wards (we’ve already had plenty of notice of this in our mailbag where we think Brina has plucked up the courage to send stuff to), and if Kingstones’ usual election interference swings into gear you’re probably going to see lots of endorsement for Labour and Independent candidates. The goal is to have the Tories removed that these two don’t like, and with their combined influence they might just gaslight the town enough for that to happen.

Interestingly Brina, Kingstone and William Bryan were ‘Spotted’ tonight having a meeting at Rawlett school. It can’t be a good thing when these three meet together can it. We’ve actually heard on the grapevine that William Bryan has decided not to stand in the election this year, calling the political scene toxic (we shall see tomorrow). We’d like to refer him to the company he keeps and their substantial part in that. It will be very interesting and quite possibly disturbing to find out what these three have planned.

Its a sad state of affairs in Tamworth where social media is the only place people get their ‘news’ these days. Things are broken and it’s people like Kingstone and Brina that are behind it.

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