We are seriously starting to consider renaming not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley to Goebbels. We would love to know if there is any other person as committed (and that should be committed) to the cause of violating the integrity of democratic voting as this man. It makes us sad to see it, but of course what we said a while back has come to fruition and the troll and his troll factories Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice are pushing the Labour candidates as well as Kingstone and Brina’s friend ‘independent’ William ‘Bill’ Bryan.

Brina has never met any of these Labour candidates he is pushing, but has decided to tell everyone that they are “capable credible and committed”. We would be quite concerned about anyone the troll describes as these things usually. Labour might be enjoying the attention from him at the moment in the short term, but they will rue the day they had any association or backing from him. Brina support comes with a price you will pay at some point.

Quite simply this man is a toxic disaster zone for democracy, using his paid for audience to shill candidates he doesn’t actually believe in or know the abilities of, just to crap from a great height on his former colleagues he sloped off from causing an expensive council by-election when he couldn’t get his own way and push his own agendas as a Councillor. He has a childlike glee in trying to destroy the reputations of anyone he doesn’t like. You only have to read our Mailbag to see how well this man has treated people and read all of our posts about him. He’s even upset his best bud Council Leader Thomas Jay, who left this comment under the main post featured above, amazingly it hasn’t been deleted yet.

One man such as Paul Brindley should not have unimpeded influence over thousands of people in prominent Tamworth Facebook groups. You would hope people would be able to see his posts for what they are, but sadly they do not. In the same way the Sun Newspaper tells the nation how to vote because their readers generally aren’t able to think for themselves, so is Brina exploiting this weak mindedness for his own agenda. Even if his agenda was noble, we cannot stomach an influence as biased as he is. Debunking Tamworth has always set out our store as being anti socialist, nothing to hide there. We stop short of promoting candidates, we don’t endorse anyone. There are no doubt a couple of Labour candidates who might make good Councillors. We simply don’t know. We see our job as to call out lies and bullshit as we see it and let you make your own mind up, and it generally only seems to come from one side of the political spectrum and the likes of Brina and Kingstone.

Tamworth needs all of the facts, not just the ones people like Brina gives them. We can only guess now that the meeting had between Kingstone Brindley and Bryan was to discuss how they would handle this election between them and how best to perform their roles. Especially now all three of them are well aware and sensitive to the fact we are watching. Kingstone it appears is going to take a backseat whilst Brina does everything he can to push Bryan and Labour. It remains to be seen how long Kingstone can actually go without trying to influence his following. The man has no decency or respect left in him and we know he will be chomping at the bit.

The fact is he and Bill Bryan believe they can use Brina’s platform to influence the Tamworth vote, and this will always be unforgivable. One day these two might cross Brina and get the same treatment he dishes out to the Tories, they’ve seen how he operates and now have to keep him sweet, or else. What have or will they promise him for this?

People need to wake up from their apathetic slumbers and truly understand who influences them and why. People we elect shape our futures and lives and we ignore the electoral process at our peril. History should tell you what happens when apathy reaches dangerously low levels and strong voices such as Brindley’s are louder than everyone else’s. Read this and tell us there aren’t chilling parallels. Think we’re being dramatic? Ask yourself if the German people would have believed what was to become of their country due to such use of propaganda leading up to WWII. History as they say, is doomed to repeat itself.

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