Councillor Richard Kingstone, the upholder of principles, gaslighter, and professional smirker had a choice to make tonight. Having received the good news about Coton Lane above which he has been incessantly whining about and little else, Kingstone could have:

A: Shared the good news about the road being resurfaced and expressed mild lament at the timing of the works, after asking the County Councillor Robert Pritchard the rationale behind them.

B: Make a snarky backhanded post criticising the County Councillor he hates (not naming him of course), lie saying said County Councillor said “extensive planning has gone into selecting this work date” which he didn’t say at all in the post or video, and criticise the date the work is happening.

What do you think he chose dear Reader? Go on, if you’re regular here, you’ve been reading this site for long enough to know. That’s right, Kingstone chose option B!

Now never mind that the Gungate works had been announced at the same time for July by the Councillor and seemingly they had to pick dates for the teams to do them. Inconvenience was going to happen for either of these busy school routes. Why would Kingstone care about anywhere else though? So what if the work is at an inconvenient time, it’s getting done isn’t it? Surely that’s the main thing?

Kingstone seems to have completely forgotten bleating on about principles and gone for his usual easiest choice, to sit on his arse, sneer and poke fun and let his sycophantic Kingstans revel in doing the same in the comments.

Oh how they laugh and sneer, and of course Kingstone no doubt enjoys seeing them doing the heavy lifting and going further than he would. So respectful wouldn’t you say? Oh and FY Tracy Tyler, have you not seen your idols’ regular posts sitting drinking a bottle of wine? What do you know of Councillor Pritchards’ circumstances you vile person?

Thankfully there are actual real respectful politicians like Councillor Gareth Coates who shares the news and just sticks to the facts. Even a Labour Candidate managed it:

You really are a nasty piece of work Kingstone. Or have you read our previous article on you and realised you may as well give up the pretence that you’re a decent person? Seems your followers don’t really care what you are either, so you may as well knock yourself out.

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