Ah Kingstone, wielding the Jo Cox Foundation principles as if he were the last bastion of them. Ironically then splattering various unnamed current and ex councillors with accusations that they are somehow breaking them. We expect he’s not happy about Labour being called liars for amplifying his own lie that there isn’t a Council reception desk.

Apparently now because of this well meaning but woke bullshit, you cannot call a lie a lie anymore. Who decides how people campaign and why does this particular foundation think they have any right to stop those elected telling things how they are? What has been allowed to happen here is a left wing organisation deciding for everyone else how things should be, and we shouldn’t harm anyone’s fragile feelings for fear of upsetting them. People should not lose their freedom or rights to call out lies when lies are uttered, just because some vile nutter took his own thoughts and delusions to a horrific conclusion. No-one is behaving in this way in Tamworth and is unlikely to just because they call out the opposition party as being liars. It seems these objectives would only seem to shut people up and scare people into not telling things as they are. Which is exactly how the Labour party and now Richard would like things done.

Heres some of Kingstones greatest hits from over the last year and you can decide whether this gaslighting liar is sticking to the principles he apparently holds so dear. He’s quite happy to slag off unnamed Councillors whilst making sure they are identified as Tories, and he hasn’t posted an update from his wards County Councillor Robert Pritchard since September 2023 because he hates him. There’s actually a page 2 to this post so make sure you look for the link to it.

Who can forget this one, gloating because he believed his tactical voting interference scheme reduced the Tory stronghold on the Council.

Ah yes, let’s have it in for this Tory for no other reason but him being a Tory. Let’s also dismiss the Labour candidate completely and tell people all about how arrogant the Tories are.

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