Now, who can we guess he completely ignored that was really behind these announcements? That’s right Councillor Robert Pritchard.

Note how Kingstone said lobbying by ‘residents’ on his post. Which as you’d expect from this man is yet more gaslighting. At least he didn’t personally try and take credit, but Kingstones’ sycophantic followers whom we are now forever more dubbing KingStans who were naturally thanking him with no correction.

Kingstone hates Councillor Pritchards innards with a passion. To the point where he cannot even bring himself to give credit where credit is due even on a professional level. We wonder if he teaches the children at Rawlett the same level of hatred to others who rile you just because they actually do something for their community other than write Facebook posts? He could have shared Councillor Pritchards’ posts and said good job, here’s our hard working County Councillor doing what he was elected to do. But no, not Richard, he ignored him instead and wrote a Facebook post to leech the glory.

See, there’s a good honest Labour Councillor Gareth Coates sharing the post and not trying to pretend he had anything to do with it. It is possible and we salute Councillor Coates for being decent, and the kind of opposition Councillor that Kingstone will probably never be. As we’ve pointed out before Kingstone is an ‘independent’. He has no party to upset for promoting the work of a Tory, and to be honest, those Councillors who live in the real world generally give credit where credit is due without a second thought. Kingstone let’s not forget is due to stand against Pritchard for his County seat next year, unless he bails like we said he would for the MP job.

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