In news surprising no-one given we said it would happen in our post on the 17th September Kingstone has announced that he is to withdraw from the race to be MP in a post on his Facebook page. These deeply personal circumstances referenced have been going on since a long time before this week, and Kingstone had absolutely no intention whatsoever of standing. As we said in our previous post, this was as usual about attention and increasing his profile. Now he’s had his mugshot on BBC News and had a smattering of national attention, he has pulled out presumably before he had to pay the required five hundred quid to be on the ballot.

Kingstone recently presented his petition to bring back a ‘fully functioning’ council reception desk in the town consisting just over a thousand signatures (most of which probably have never needed to use a council reception) to a full Tamworth Borough Council meeting earlier this week. After which he posted a dramatic (naturally) take on the meeting where he stated that sometimes you have to dance with the devil to get things done. Well if the ‘devil’ is his good pal and Masonic colleague current leader of the Council Paul Turner, then he’s probably in with a shot.

We are sure here at Debunking that Kingstone will be back to his usual chicanery at the Council very soon.

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