According to multiple sources (although this is uncorroborated information we must stress), Councillor Richard Kingstone has no intention of actually following through with standing as an MP and will cite health reasons for standing down on his push to be MP before it has even started.

Kingstone, a local Councillor who is obsessed with being in the limelight, unsurprisingly put out news of his intention to stand as an MP in the upcoming by election in Tamworth. Where so far we know the Tories Labour Liberal Democrats and the Reform party have currently put up candidates.

It would not surprise us here at Debunking Tamworth if this revelation about Kingstone turns out to be true. The man is obsessed with his own publicity and his followers would have expected nothing less. This way he gets to satisfy their calls for him to stand and put his ‘money where his mouth is’ before gently letting them down with a reason they can’t argue with.

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