We’ve had this email sent to us this afternoon that purports to be from Councillor Richard Kingstone to Labours local head honchos Carol Dean and Chris Bain.

Naturally this deflects from his part in the whole fiasco given he told people how to vote to suit his own ends. As he wants to be Tamworth’s next MP he wants to be seen as whiter than white and fighting the good fight whilst he and his band of followers conveniently ignore how much he singlehandedly interfered and mucked up the last local election leading to this. He and his local troll friend Paul Brindley are just as much to blame as anyone else.

As for what the other Amington candidate makes of all this going on, who knows. Will they be given the chance to give it another shot? Debunking has seen plenty of comments suggesting they should be given the seat automatically, which is surprising when you consider how much flack Councillors get for being ‘corrupt’. No this would not be democracy in action, not a good idea!

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