In news that surprised precisely no-one, local attention seeking Councillor Richard Kingstone has finally revealed he is going to stand as Tamworth’s MP either if a by-election is called or at the next General Election.

Richard has done everything he possibly can to boost his popularity ever since he was first elected off the back of the Tories success for many years in local Tamworth elections. Having served as a Tory for many years including two terms as Mayor, Richard decided to turn his back on the group that got him where he was alleging corruption within its ranks. Once free of the Tory party Richard has done nothing but overblow his own achievements in respect of the normal every day work he is expected to do in his role, famously stating he was “a councillor for all of Tamworth” citing rules he made up that supposedly stop other Councillors from serving other residents outside of their areas. Of course no such rules have ever existed and many of our local representatives take on cases from all over Tamworth. But this is the man we are dealing with who unfortunately will happily lie to make a name for himself, despite being a magistrate and a school teacher.

Recently Kingstone apologised for having got it wrong in backing a Labour candidate in the town who has never actively done any council work or represented his residents, in fact standing knowing a work change prevents him from being a Councillor.

Richard also got into hot water recently by blaming Tamworth fans for troubles during a recent Tamworth v Scunthorpe game at home.

So now we have to put up with more crowing and glory hunting from a man whose integrity is no better than some of the people he moans about in parliament. If Richard did get elected, he knows full well he hasn’t got a hope in heck of attracting anything decent Tamworth’s way. Despite his school teacher background where as we all know team building is taught as a skill, Richard seems to think being on his own in parliament will somehow help his home town. It won’t.

We at Debunking Tamworth believe that Richard is simply and very unsurprisingly on his next journey to wishing celebrity on himself as he quite evidently craves the attention.

We call on Kingstone to be 100% transparent about who is funding his deposit and candidacy. Whilst we can only guess that his best mate William Bill Bryan of ‘destroying your family business’ Drayton Manor Park fame will chip in a substantial amount. It’s not cheap to run as an MP. Let’s hope he’s not going to hide who is bankrolling him.

Be careful what you vote for!

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