We have it on very good authority that our butter wouldn’t melt Councillor Richard Kingstone was in contact with fallen MP Christopher Pincher when he announced his resignation a few months ago. Contents of the private messages sent by Cllr Kingstone to Chris Pincher seen by Debunking Tamworth stated “I’m sorry for any negativity” and “You are a good MP” and “I’m glad I voted for you”.

So why is this hypocritical of our publicity loving but lacking in substance Councillor Kingstone? Probably because this very same Councillor is putting forward a motion to Tamworth Borough Council for Councillors to vote on, calling for Chris Pincher to resign. Kingstone is also doing this fully in the knowledge that whatever is decided on, has nothing to do with the Council whatsoever and cannot make any change to what is happening. In short it’s completely useless and a waste of time.

Surely Kingstone wouldn’t just be doing this to make a name for himself and boost his popularity?

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