Read our post about the full council meeting, and then since someone had the wherewithal to ask him on his own page. Here is Richard Kingstones’ right of reply justification for his actions:

There is a bonus lie in this response, the Councillor who launched a ‘Vicious attack’ was not chastised at all, we’ve watched the video Kingstone. It’s also hardly a vicious attack when the Labour party were called out for their lies and harming the people of Tamworth with them PS: They’re the political opposition, did you see them burst into tears afterwards? We have our opinion on the meeting in our previous post about it. Give us your opinion, we know you’re out there, the mailbag has been very busy recently. You don’t need to watch all of the Council meeting, but if you view it here from 1 hour 39 minutes in, you can see Kingstone deciding he’s had enough and no-one should speak after him.

Bear in mind the speeches ‘against’ Kingstone only happened because he tried to shut everyone up. A certain troll has of course come to his defence on Tamworth Voice about this, singling out the people he particularly hates. In our opinion, Kingstone is talking utter bullshit as usual, gaslighting his followers and telling them utter lies behind his motivation to halt proceedings. What gives one man the right to decide whether everyone else should continue debating a topic, what gives Kingstone the right to decide that colleagues of his are ‘damaging’ the reputation of the council when he and his new Labour friends have been doing just that for months on end pretending there is no reception desk amongst many other childish posts he’s made over the last year. We also know if you’ve been following our posts, just how he deals with election season himself and how he’s already attacking the County Council ready for him to stand for election to it next year. His ego truly knows no bounds and his pompous arrogant self importance shines through in his response post.

After you’ve considered all of the evidence dear Reader we do urge you to get in touch. No-one came to Kingstones defence when we asked for opinions last time. Are we wrong? Is he wrong? Is everyone wrong? We truly want to know.

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