Thankfully, apparently you just can’t brainwash everyone these days, one minute you’re making a propaganda video on the latest trendy app and the next you’re being lambasted in the comments of said video. Poor old Labour Group Leader Carol Dean (who apparently has a long term ‘lurgie’ conveniently preventing her from speaking properly when required at Council meetings), tried desperately to connect with ‘da yoof’ on TikTok. Apparently she completely misread her audience bless her cotton socks and expensive shoes.

This is what TikTok had to say about Carol’s foray on to the platform and what she had to say (which as we heard last night was generally lies)

Poor Carol! Not a positive comment in sight. And unlike Labours organised national team of on Demand trolls that are all over their oppositions social media during elections (go and take a look at your local politicians social media, the negative comments are usually people who don’t live in the area and are quite evidently Labour supporters), these users actually appear to be real.

Labours’ TikTok is their latest indoctrination technique, but we doubt even Goebbels would be proud of his modern brethrens efforts on the platform, with such informative videos as how to use a website to report a pothole and ‘Council meetings and how to watch them’ yes really, you need instructions on how to walk into a building and use YouTube apparently. See they’ve got a new candidate Natalie Statham who used to be a Tory candidate who fancies herself as a bit of a TikTok star, so they’ve handed her the reigns of their social media. She in fact did a video about International Women’s Day with the Barbie title track in the background. Which is kinda ironic if you’ve watched the film and understand it on as deep a level as you can for a film about a plastic doll. Completely lost on Natalie though apparently.

Carol let’s be fair, your deputy Chris Bain is much better able to string sentences together than you dear. Maybe it’s time to hang up those expensive shoes and let him walk your party into the next election. You’re an embarrassment to your party and from what we hear, they know that too, especially after last night’s outing and every meeting you’ve ever chaired. You’re not leader material, let’s face facts.

Thanks to our TikTok using tipster for these gems.

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