Yes there really is an election on tomorrow, you’d never have guessed it would you. To anyone outside of the political sphere an election means pretty much nothing, especially local elections. People give various excuses for this lack of interest, from being “sick of it all”, or “no-one ever keeps their promises” and various other chestnuts they trot out to justify their complete disinterest.

Fact is, around 70% of eligible voters in this town are just lazy bastards. Yes you heard us right. They are mostly people who care only for their own entitled selves and let the rest of society deal with the bits that don’t interest them. You know the kind, likely the ones that do whatever speed they like on the roads, park in disabled bays when perfectly able bodied, leave their bins out on a path because they’re too lazy to ever put them in (their recycling bins are also likely full of black bin waste too just to top it off). Gosh we could be here all day going through a list of entitled behaviours, don’t get us started on Covid times either.

Of the roughly 30% of people who actually can be bothered to get off their arse and vote, or got a postal vote (covering the elderly or infirm etc), an astonishing number of them have not got a clue about what they’re voting for, some turn up at the polling station and will vote for a name they like the sound of. They don’t do even a rudimentary check to see what they are using their vote for. These people are worrying, but not as worrying as the people who chop and change this country from red to blue every so often ‘because change’. These are the dangerous ones who honestly believe they know what they’re talking about, having formed their opinions based off what they hear via the media or angry comments, or troll posts on Facebook.

Our elections are generally decided by people who haven’t the foggiest what Labour is or does, or what Conservatives are and do. To make matters worse, these people cannot in their minds separate out what a local election is from a national election. Not that they care. You’ve heard of the centre ground no doubt, this is the fight for this type of person who can be persuaded easily either way. These dear friends are the stupid ones. They’ve no strong opinions either way that they formed themselves, they will agree with whatever sounds good to them at the time or provokes an emotional response.

If you are an intelligent community aware person, there is no way you’re turning up at a polling station to vote for the person who managed to persuade you to their side. The people that are persuaded must be scammed by ne’er-do-wells left right and centre and buy things they don’t want all the time. Debunking also has a bridge to sell you, if you’ll take it off our hands. No, if you were an intelligent person you’d have actually taken the time over your adult lifetime (possibly before) to see what all the fuss is about, and as we have said previously, determine the end game of the philosophy behind each party, what they’re likely to actually do when the centre ground is won and they revert to type.

To add more confusion to the mix, we have the wannabe new kid on the block parties that are oh so different, honest! Like, oh let’s say Reform, who are in fact just shittier versions of the parties the members left to populate the new one. When a group of egotists in a party aren’t getting the attention they feel they deserve they start a new party. There’s a reason we’ve had a two party system for so long, because contrary to popular belief it works. Vast majorities of people who do have brain power are reasonably divided up into two camps about how best to run things. As we say, each has their own end game. Both of those camps have to spend a lot of time persuading those who flip flop betwen the different parties because there just isn’t enough in either of the two main ones. An election is essentially a contest to win the argument at that time. If people weren’t so dense on even the basics that make parties what they are, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Lest we forget the independents, those heroes who are in fact just people who are shit at working in a team, and point fingers and laugh at the ones that are part of a party. We all know we have to work and pull together with others to effect change, these guys don’t, they’re special. At best for them and feeding their humongous egos is the thought that they might just possibly be a deciding vote at a meeting. They say they are proudly independent, when in fact they are proudly impotent when it comes to getting stuff done.

Many people will probably say, ‘at least they went to vote’ when it comes to the people fought over in the centre ground. Which is well intentioned, but desperately flawed. These people are making decisions about all of our lives at the stroke of a pencil. Debunking wonders whether some people should have a licence before they’re allowed to breed (come on, so have many of you) let alone make decisions like this.

So people of Tamworth, who can be bothered to read a site like Debunking Tamworth and get an alternative view on things. You have decisions to make tomorrow. Forget the idea “people died so you could have a vote”, we’ve moved well along from that. Vote because you can, and because it is the least you can do for the society you live in. Because it means you aren’t a lazy fool who expects the world to keep whirring around them and life handed to them on a plate. At least have a clue who, and way more importantly, what, it is you are voting for.

Please don’t forget, It’s a local election too, so ignore the Westminster shit show, most of them down there don’t do their parties’ proud and they know it. Unfortunate they all have individuals who make them look terrible, but let’s be fair, for the most part they are definitely not representative of whichever party they’re in, and they’re better off forgotten.

The local elections in Tamworth have a mix of people who do already do well at representing us, some newcomers who quite probably will do a good job of representing us. Then there’s some who we would only write an X directly on them in red paint as a warning, who have used a bullying troll to promote them. Just remember that endgame people.

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