If Councillors were hoping for a nice quiet evening on the 21st of May, they’re in for a disappointment. Major Conspiracy Ron Brown has decided to show up and ask some questions. And boy are they… Shit. But what would you expect from a bloke whose surname fits his demeanor.

We will absolutely love to see how soon to be leader of the Council, Councillor Carol Dean will answer these. Quite what Ron defines as ‘changing things for the better’ is of course a mystery, but we can only assume he’d settle for nothing less than Council staff being ordered to kiss his feet whilst using his retard repository ‘The Tamworth Examiner’ Facebook group as a consultation platform for policy making. If you’ve ever been to the page and read the comments from most of the contributors, you will absolutely know why this would be a bad idea.

We do applaud Ron for emerging from his well worn pit behind his PC and making a cock of himself in person though. We presume he’ll bring a couple of tegits (you’re welcome) from Team Examiner along with him to marvel at their leaders oratory and hard hitting investigatory skills. We aren’t sure from watching the previous videos whether they’ve actually stayed for the duration of any meeting before scurrying back off to be behind their keyboards. Considering they have some strong opinions in that group, you’d think they’d take more interest.

It’s worth meeting Ron in person if you never have. He absolutely gets flustered and doesn’t know what to do with himself if he’s ever challenged about his opinions. As always, if you come to the meeting you might get to guess which one at the back is us. Who knows, we might actually be Ron’s other personality.

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