Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North has asked a question about this before.

Sarah didn’t get what she wanted out of the first answer, which was evidently trying to nail the Tories regarding the cost of a visit to Tamworth by a minister in January. Not content with being told that it was a political visit and that it didn’t cost the tax payer anything, she’s now trying to score more political points by asking why it was classed as a political visit. She’s also wasting government time by asking completely pointless questions. We presume she’s trying to make a social media post about this and as our correspondent who alerted us to it said “She’s an influencer not a politician”.

We at Debunking don’t recall anyone asking whether Kier Starmers visit to Tamworth when Sarah won the election was paid for by the tax payer in any way. Admittedly that was definitely overtly political, but you catch our drift. If the Tory party wants to wheel out a minister to visit Tamworth and see how a government funded project is getting on then so be it.

Sarah’s likely angle of course is that since Eddie Hughes MP, her rival for the Tamworth seat in the next general election, was the ‘beneficiary’ of the ministerial visit, she is somehow trying to make out this visit was inappropriate. We are sure Sarah’s rather annoyed that she wasn’t invited along to meet the minister to talk about a key Tamworth project that the Tories are delivering and she didn’t get chance to take a selfie and credit for the whole thing. That’s kinda the point of a political visit though Sarah, why would the Tories help you out? But you keep banging that drum hey. We look forward to how you manage to paint this, if you can make anything out of the response you were given. We strongly advise you stop wasting everyone else’s time though, especially Governments, and perhaps do the job you were elected to do.

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