By now, many of us are aware of what happened in parliament yesterday. This above is apparently the propaganda Labour have been pushing out, along with our MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards. To try and claim that Parliament passed Labours’ motion is a blatant lie, there was no division called and therefore no real vote because the Tories and the SNP walked out in disgust at the Speaker and his actions, putting his party before his impartiality. Strangely enough, Labours’ motion was carried as a result of these shenanigans.

We do wonder how Edwards would have voted if there had been a vote, given she chickened out of a previous vote for a Gaza ceasefire to prevent any negative repercussions for her in the next general election. With this Facebook post it shows immediately how much of a Labour puppet she is, and the antics in parliament lay bare the disgusting manipulative behaviour of her party.

Let’s not forget that none of this actually has any bearing on what Israel decides to do, no vote in our parliament binds them, and they would likely only listen to such a call from the USA. It won’t stop the Labour party showboating and making political capital out the horrific situation over there though, on that there’s no doubt.

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