In an alternative reality, Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North, came up with the whole Tamworth regeneration plan, and the controlling Tamworth Labour party successfully bid for funds from the Labour government based on that amazing plan, to start revamping the Tamworth high street. Sarah brought in a heritage expert to Tamworth, as she knew so little about the town she purports to represent, despite pretending during the election that she lives here.

And you’re back in the room. Of course Sarah did none of this (apart from why she brought in the expert of course, she’d have to do that in either reality). In reality the Labour government would have used the regeneration money (they had to borrow of course having run out), to hand out to their long term unemployed (aka never employed) voters, and Tamworth would have been devoid of any fun or activities for years, because the Tamworth labour party had killed them off (don’t believe they would? Watch the council budget meeting) as they’d decided to spend the cash bringing back hot dinners for Councillors that those nasty Tories scrapped when they took control in 2004.

Sarah’s had no part in any of the regeneration projects, knows nothing about Tamworth having been chucked in to the seat by her party. She’d probably only ever passed through the place before that. She is however going to try her level best to give the illusion that she cares, knows and understands the town and its constituents. She’s going to make out she is making a difference for Tamworth in Westminster, she’s going to make out she’s involved in all the hard work being done by others. Her only goal, to be elected again at the next general election, regardless of the truth.

Meanwhile, in her post comments:

Quite the reoccurring theme isn’t it Sarah?

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