Tonight Friday 8th March was the Tamworth Mayors annual ball. We heard about this not long ago when a dejected sounding Councillor John Harper current Mayor of Tamworth, lamented that barely any of his colleagues (and we understand that this was mostly his own Tory side) had signed up to go. You can see that, 6 minutes in, on the full Council meeting recording on the Council YouTube channel.

So not only did Harper’s Tory colleagues not support him, there was also drama from Councillor Tina Clements, a particularly gobby woman, you’ll know if you’ve ever met her, who failed to keep the decorum of the evening by heckling our MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards. This after leading the celebrations for International Women’s Day earlier on that day and apparently not inviting her to them. Oh what perfect irony. Then again, we understand Tina (or as we’ve learned ‘Tuna’ she is ‘affectionately’ called) has a knack of making many events about herself, rather than the cause. You’ll see plenty of evidence of this from such recent events as the Civic Pride Awards, where every picture features her, with the Mayor left as an awkward sideshow.

Back to Harper, and maybe our apparently unpopular Mayor has no support any longer thanks to his no small part in the demolition of Goostrys, we are learning he had a bigger part to play in the destruction than people are letting on. Not a good look when you’re the foremost expert on the Town history and heritage. As he is rumoured to be standing down this year for Bolehall, we guess he thinks the gig is up and he needs to go before he causes any more damage. Shame he can’t take Clements with him, since she can’t behave decently in public.

[Article updated to include picture of Tina Clements]

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