Our dirty low down troll (who in a recent post acknowledged that we at Debunking call him a Leicestershire troll showing he is still an avid reader), has shared an insightful post from a man who still lives in Birmingham (according to his Facebook page) and has made a big deal out of it. Mark Abley whomever you are, your insight is astounding in your apparent 18 months of living here you appear to have Tamworth sussed out. Only problem is, everything your refer to from the High Rise flats, Marmion House and Ankerside is from the 60’s and 70’s when the Labour party ruled the roost. You’re a bit dim aren’t you Mark Abley, but such is the following of the Troll’s pages that we are not in the least bit surprised. Brina bless him has shared your post and agreed with you because you are criticising the Council of course, which is administered by the Tories whom Brina doesn’t like very much. Brindley doesn’t do fact checking even if the criticisim is actually meant to be for the Labour party many decades back in time. Brina still touts his ‘time for change’ bullshit.

Where we’re going, we don’t need Trolls!

Mark then goes on to say (although we have had to paraphrase and decipher the sentence) that the down and outs should be stopped from using drugs and drinking alcohol in the town centre, and there should be alcohol free zones. Got news for you Mark, have you ever looked at the alcohol free zone signs around the town centre (PDF) or do you wander around your life in a haze of nostalgia? PS: Drugs are illegal full stop. As for the Police, just because he hasn’t seen any whilst ‘he’ has been walking around the town (main character syndrome is strong in this one), we presume in Marks’ world that means that the police apparently are never there. We guess this is the same vein of thinking of people that deny Tamworth Police Station exists. We have to repeat the fact that people like Mark Abley are allowed to vote, how concerning is that? These people are amongst us. We all know that some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children or own pets or drive, but people who are willfully as clueless as this help decide upon the direction of our very lives.

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