There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence, and we’ve only ever seen arrogance from the Labour side. There are such people who don’t decide who they are voting for until they turn up at the polling station, how you can be that sheltered living your life in pure ignorance of the basics is beyond us, but there’s plenty of people who do just that. There’s no need for them to make that choice now anyway as Labour have decided that you will vote for them.

Naturally Labour are quite shy of saying exactly why ‘people’ are supposedly fed up with the Conservatives, whilst we can see their point with the Westminster lot, we can’t actually understand why local Labour are making a Tamworth Council election about them. It’s fairly obvious the Labour group in Tamworth aren’t able to find reasons why people should vote for them and what exactly those ‘terrible’ Tories have done to deserve being kicked out. Since the Labour group voted for the Tories recent budget, and weren’t able to get anything done in the last year whilst controlling the scrutiny function of the council other than rename a car park, we sniff bullshit.

It seems even ‘Forgotten Estates’ has taken a back seat now since Labour can’t back it up. Having taken photos and videos of council estates (where most of their voters live) pre their scheduled trim, they made a huge deal of how badly the Tory run council treats their supposed heartlands. If you walk around you’ll find that pretty much everywhere has had a decent trim. A hold out appears to be Heartless Helen Hadley who for the life of her cannot remember that Glascote has been Labour for many years (we still class Jan Wadrup as Labour at heart, and can’t decide if Councillor John Wade who quickly went independent was ever a Tory) and their deputy leader is Glascote Councillor Chris Bain who has surely the facility to make sure estates there are not indeed forgotten. Or is it he who has forgotten how to do his job?

Their narrative simply doesn’t work when their own deputy leader is in one of the areas they state is forgotten. Councils don’t work only in favour of the current party in charge at that level, they don’t simply ignore Councillors reporting problems in their areas. That would be wrong. If an issue that the Borough Council can deal with is still outstanding in an area for a long while, then it’s very much a combination of people not reporting it or a Councillor simply not doing as they’re meant to if they’re told about it. So what’s their excuse? They know they’ve not got any leg to stand on with that argument. As they say, you will be voting for them anyway, so what does it matter.

[Updated: especially for the feeble minded, one of whom complained we were telling people to vote Labour in the headline. Yes we know… Here’s the definition of irony for you]

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