What did these three ever do wrong? OK well we won’t get started on what is wrong with what is done, in the guy in the middles’ name, as that is a whole can of worms we don’t want wriggling everywhere. We at Debunking will probably never meet the guy in the middle, because to be honest the only time we mention God and acknowledge the name is during wholly different situations having absolutely nothing at all to do with religion. However, we do realise and acknowledge that these three guys above are representations of particularly important religious holidays that are sacrosanct to a still huge majority in this country. We believe in peoples’ freedom to express whatever they wish to express and believe what they wish, so long as they are doing it knowingly and willingly. So long as it does not affect us or or get mixed up in real decisions political or otherwise, religion can get on and do what it likes. It’s not like it is going anywhere right now, or is it?

You may recall we have previously said that a huge majority of educators are on the very left of politics, to the point where a worrying number of them happily try to indoctorate our children into their political thinking rather than be professional and get on with their job of, ya know, teaching. Sadly, the fact that most of our public sector civil servants are also very left on the political spectrum is also true. We even had a local Labour election candidate here in Tamworth who stood down thanks to being fast tracked into the Civil Service career program. Why then is this a problem? Let’s take a look at several posts since last year on the Borough Council Facebook page (and if anyone wishes to get in a tizz about this from the Council, this is all there publically to see, we are making an observation). By the way dear reader, we have made the images on this site zoomable now if you tap on them (how exciting!).

The are posts from the Council over Christmas (middle one is Christmas Day, last one is New Years Day). And just for balance:

Apart from the waste service (run and based at Lichfield Council) wishing everyone Merry Christmas and thanks for recycling which is lovely of them. What is it we are seeing here? Let’s see more first.

Then there is Easter and Shrove Tuesday:

Apparently, our own Council won’t wish us a Merry Christmas, a Happy Easter (preferring to make it about chocolate) or recognise Shrove Tuesday, but look what they will enthusiastically push out on their social media:

How very different is that message compared to posts about food poisoning, leftovers and bins and egg hunts over Christian holidays? Now, we couldn’t care less what religion you are as we have said, but since our Country the last time we checked, appears to follow a particular religion by majority, and Muslim people make up 6.5% of the entire population according to the last census (granted this makes it the UK’s second largest religion, it does not account for this disparity). Where is the importance placed on Christian festivals in these posts, that our townsfolk no doubt feel are just as important. Where is the inclusiveness here? Ah yes, it’s those woke mostly socialist Labour union member Civil servants, who find anything to do with being British and Christian very embarassing in favour of the on trend religions who also have got the Labour party wrapped around their little fingers too (we are not fans of religion of any kind having any tentacles around politics or governments full stop). It’s not very proper left Labour to push Christianity, although many of our Labour Councillors are indeed very religious, not even they kicked up a stink about this, because even they know how things are in their own party. It will only get worse when Labour win control of the Council in May, they are even worse at standing up to the very left of their party and the unions as it is. All these posts happened on a Tory watch under the cabinet portfolio of Councillor Tina Clements too (but we have heard some would argue she is hardly a Tory herself). So you can imagine how it will eventually be.

We know this post is probably going to be seen as divisive, fair enough, but do we not have a point? The evidence is right there in pictures, you can draw your own conclusions. It’s really not like we have stretched the evidence to fit our points, it is what it is. If you are going to celebrate religious festivals from any community, then celebrate them all inclusively, without prejudice. Celebrate them all for all we care, just be tolerant, and don’t discriminate.

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