Helen Hadley, the Labour candidate for Glascote, decided to make a statement from her high horse about Councillors attendance. Now we’ve had people ask us to do articles about Councillor attendance and other than a few people who we have considered are taking the piss since they signed up for County for example and barely turn up, but manage to turn up for Borough meetings, we have stayed away from it. Why have we stayed away from it? Simply because as Helen so graciously states “We’re all human and people are ill and can’t make meetings for whatever reason”. If only you’d left it there Helen.

Labour being Labour though, it’s time to stick the knife in and forget that sickly bit of bullshit she evidently didn’t mean at all. Because she then goes on to say “but also remember you voted for these people to be your voices! The least they could do is show up, right?” Oh is that right is it Helen? So what you literally just stated about illness or other reasons is now out of the window in your next sentence? Make your mind up hey? What about Covid Helen, do you expect people to turn up and infect their colleagues ‘because the least they could do is show up right?’ and damn the consequences to them and colleagues.

Councillors are people, shock horror, and they can indeed be absent for a variety of reasons. This Labour candidate shows exactly how compassionate she and her colleagues really are. Meetings that these Councillors don’t turn up at are hardly world shattering decision making events, in fact they’re usually just useless talking shops, busy work if you will. For example one scrutiny committee chaired by Labours Carol Dean has in a year, managed to change the name of a car park, and even then they could only make a recommendation to do that. The proof of the worth of a Councillor is how well they help residents with their concerns and complaints within the council machinery. Not something you can easily measure unless you’ve contacted one yourself.

The Labour Party hive mind started buzzing around attendance because of this post by Councillor Gareth Coates:

The idea that residents have asked Labour Councillors about attendance is quite laughable in our opinion. Not impossible we grant you. But it seems it was the prelude to Labours new gimmick, and then more of them started doing it with the same opening line. Almost as if it was coordinated, the shock of it.

Sadly it backfired for Lewis Smith the Amington Councillor (who won a by election after his colleague and Labour lied about the circumstances that brought it about in the first place.) He’s not even done a year bless him. Come back to us when you have hey Lewis. His friend Harry wasn’t too impressed at not seeing him at their regular brainwashing Momentum meetings, which has one of their stated aims “Scale up political education in our movement and across the country”.

Let’s go on a tangent on that. Lewis certainly has been busy on the political education front, working at QEMS as a teacher where we have heard he is frequently asked to help brainwash the pupils there, as well as visits to primary schools he has recently started (no other parties invited naturally). It’s not chilling or creepy at all that is it? But what does it remind us of? The education system is infested with Labour lackies and they like to catch them young with unsuspecting parents having no clue of what their children are exposed to at school. Since the Labour led teachers unions would cripple the education system if they were called out on it, it has been left to fester. When Debunking went to school, the teachers were at least professional and kept their political views to themselves instead of pushing socialist bullshit down our throats. Not so anymore.

As for you Helen Hadley, let’s hope you’re a superhuman and resistant to what life throws at you. You’re sadly likely to win your Glascote seat because the people there know not what they do. We will be monitoring your attendance regularly, because if you’re elected then no matter what happens to you, you should at least show up, right?

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