Oh Brina, we’re sorry, we said we’d ignore you and we were done with you. Please come back Brina all is not forgiven. Plus this is just too funny to ignore quite frankly. It’s not often a dissenting comment is left up long enough on the Trolls page for us to snap. It seems Brina has been schooled in his comments on reality, by one Alan Hall who is a gleaming beacon of intelligent life still existing in Tamworth. If he reads the site we award him 100 gold stars for his bite back at Brina and for the post staying up for a day so far.

Alan is of course right about fly tipping and litter. The Council cause neither of it and it costs all of us to pick the crap up that some entitled moron believes they should inflict upon us since they can’t be bothered to deal with it appropriately. Litter picking groups have sprung up in the town because some amazing people still have community pride and the will to do good amongst all of the bad that exists. The litter groups don’t ask for thanks and they certainly do not blame the council when you look at posts they make. They’re not stupid like our not so local troll complaining about litter in Tamworth from miles away under his bridge in Leicestershire.

Why Brina believes it is the councils fault is simply because he likes to bash the council as much as he can to balance his anguish against being a miserable failure as a Councillor. He also thinks it somehow hurts the chances of his former Tory colleagues in the May elections. He can’t decide if he’s still best buddy pals with leader of the Council Thomas Jay. Although this post could be directed at Councillor Andrew Cooper who is in charge of the towns street scene service, the person who called Brina out for a boxing match. Strange how you can usually find a link with these things isn’t it?

You can walk around Tamworth on any given day and it is pristine. Give it a few hours for the morons to do their work and there’s the litter and flytipping again. It’s the morons that are the problem, it’s really really not hard to work that out is it. For trolls like Brina though, he regularly ruptures the few brain cells he has left when such a thought hints itself at him. It doesn’t really matter which flavour of political party is in power somewhere, morons be morons and fly tipping and littering will still happen.

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