And everyone clapped…

Will keep this short for you Brina:

Firstly: Bullshit. And It’s not ‘your’ town, you don’t live here. You don’t speak for many others. You just hate the Tories cos they didn’t play your games. You failed to have any impact or change anything and you ran off having a prolonged tantrum when you couldn’t.

Lastly, we really wouldn’t like to be bored to tears at a social event listening to you trolling on. It’s bad enough reading your rants. No-one sticks up for you here and we publish your version of reality in full.

PS: You called your former Councillors out for a boxing match. One of them answered you. How about you get on with it. We’ve seen many people would love to see it.

PPS: If you admitted directly on your Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice pages that you ran them, we wonder how much of an audience you’d still have.

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