Our not so local Troll boy Paul Brina Brindley was called out last week by Councillor Andrew Cooper (Hi Andy!). Brina on a Facebook post stated that he would love to get a certain few Tory Councillors in the ring (because of course that makes you right if you win, in his feeble brain). Sadly though despite Andrew Cooper having thrown down the gauntlet and offered the chance for this event to happen for charity, the troll has been silent since. He has however been seen lurking around the comments section on Neglected Tamworth carrying out his usual trollish activities.

We had an unusually high amount of mail in the Mailbag relating to this, including a very charitable offer from an anonymous (but presumably well known to Brina) person offering to write off the 25k debt he owes them if he gave it to charity instead. Surprisingly despite having wanted this, Brina the admin behind Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice Facebook groups, has yet to surface from under his bridge to confirm that it is on. Even though he calls himself an events promoter, presumably this is just a tad too difficult for him. Or does no-one want to work with him anymore? Someone else in the Mailbag pointed out he has been training this weekend, for a boxing match we hope.

Come on Brina, give Cooper the satisfaction you apparently both so desire. It’s high stakes, since a few other people (and we will add ourselves to that) want you to leave Tamworth well alone for good if you lose, since ya know, you don’t live here.

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