It all kicked off this morning, starting with a post in our Mailbag telling us that not so local troll boy Paul Brina Brindley, who runs the Tamworth Voice and Spotted Tamworth Facebook groups had expressed his wish to fight local Councillors he didn’t like in the ring. Brina used to be a boxer in his former life, which as you can tell from his desperate grasp on trying to stay relevant with a bought and paid for Facebook audience, his career went really well.

Then, this happened:

Then this happened:

And so there we are. Brina has been repeating his usual rants which we have little reason to post again as the troll is just an irrelevancy whilst he continues to churn out irrelevant mind numbing foaming at the mouth junk.

Debunking would most certainly pay to see this, and we hope it happens. Brina has been called out for his bullshit and whilst we have never condoned violence as a means of proving who is right, because it doesn’t and it won’t. In the context of sport and charity, a boxing match would be a great spectacle and let Brina satisfy his primal troll instincts. Let’s make this happen.