Destroyer of Theme Parks William ‘Bill’ Bryan of bankrupting Drayton Manor Fame, has seemingly kicked back into gear on Facebook again. After having posted furiously in the run up to elections in May, it seems the ‘Independent’ Voice for Spital lost his voice and paid his Facebook page lip service once he’d lost the election. Now he’s remembered he’s got a page again, is presumably standing for election in May, and starting to post such amazing random insights such as the DPD van that nearly hit people on George Street (and to be careful!), and architecture in London being revamped stating ‘imagine if this happened in Tamworth’.

Now Bill knows full well that the ‘redevelopments’ have been costed and paid for, not to mention that private developers have lots more money for this kind of stuff than Joe Taxpayer. He’s going to present things like this to you to imply that 1. The council aren’t doing a good enough job because they didn’t make this happen and 2. He could somehow make this happen if he got elected. Unfortunately people would believe him.

Now we could be giving ‘Bill’ as he likes to be known after his rebrand (presumably to disassociate himself from the mess he left Drayton Manor in) too much credit. He is the man after all who we are told, after 70 years of a profitable family business staving off many economic downturns and tragedies managing to keep running, was signing off thousands of pounds worth of expensive unnecessary vanity work within the park. This whilst having staff meetings telling the likes of cleaners not to spend any money and removing any attractions that people actually wanted to go to a Theme Park for. We have also been told that Bill was set to abandon the Manor and its staff in late 2019 because he couldn’t hack it anymore, months before the park actually went bust. Instead thanks to Covid he ended up staying and attempting a failed management buyout of the park with the then Financial Director.

Thankfully the park was bought out by a company who apparently knows how to run theme parks since it’s still open (strange that). We at Debunking can only imagine what could have happened to the local economy of Tamworth with this man’s incompetence singlehandedly devestating it, given the amount of people in Tamworth employed by the park.

In true Debunking style, let’s also not forget that Bill Bryan is certainly not an independent. He’s a very good friend of Councillor Richard Kingstone, who as we all know is very good friends with our not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed businessman, failed Councillor, liar, hate merchant, hasn’t had the opportunity to bankrupt a theme park yet but would give it a good go) who has duly shared Bills’ post and will continue to ramp up the rhetoric between now and May on behalf of his buddy. Be careful who you vote for Spital.

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