Bill Bryan aka William Bryan, aka the bloke who presided over the failure of a much loved 70 year old family theme park near Tamworth, has claimed in a Facebook post that he is a ‘real independent’.

Well you might be surprised to hear that independence only goes so far in this case. He’s long term best buddies with Cllr Richard Kingstone who as we already know has an agenda of his own to push. Is it very likely that these two are not in it together? Is it very likely they will be truly independent if they were both on the council? Take a look at the bottom of ‘Bill’s’ leaflets and graphics, you’ll see Richard Kingstone is his election agent. Richard hasn’t kept this quiet to be fair. For someone who has accused other Councillors and candidates of nepotism on his Facebook page, does trying to get your best mate elected, not count as that too? Hypocrite much?

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