Would it suprise you to know that not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Councillor, Multiple Failed Businessman, Liar, Hate Merchant, Muck Spreader, Misinformer, Heir to Goebbells, all round twat) is now pushing to his followers the idea that the town centre is unsafe, to help the Labour Candidate for the police, crime and fire commissioner position? He’s been pushing these posts amongst other rabid misinformation posts on all of his troll pages including Spotted Tamworth, Tamworth Voice. Surprise surprise, as if he doesn’t think anyone with a brain would make a link (which to be honest is a fair proportion of clueless and racist followers of his pages) he posts this:

No context, no evidence, no link to any reports, just pure Brina making up lies to back up his police commissioner posts. The comments section of course is full of those aforementioned racists blaming the current occupants of the holiday inn for this apparently out of nowhere outbreak. The post is pure fiction, the town has had occasional incidents of casual theft as all do, but there has been no dramatic increase or in fact anything reported of the sort.

Brina of course is breaking the law with his general false information and statements lying and smearing election candidates, with the full support of supposedly upstanding magistrate, teacher and Councillor Richard Kingstone. We bet Kingstone and their Spital Candidate pal Bill Bryan hope that Brindley doesn’t drag them down too due to his illegal activities. This all might well catch up with him, as we are reliably informed he is being monitored closely and may well face consequences for his actions and karma will indeed catch up with him, so do please keep on providing the rope Brindley. That’s if one of the many business associates he’s screwed over, owing thousands to don’t get to him first.

Brina is spending even more of his time in his one man online operation to try and help oust his former colleagues the Conservatives from their seats this year. This supposedly adult grown man has not yet finished his little tantrum and is dedicating a significant amount of his time to this project, showing exactly how well his various side scams are doing for him since the companies he runs keep being dissolved shortly after being set up (we wondered whether they googled him, it’s not pretty). We do feel sorry for his poor girlfriend Natalie who must wonder what she ever did to have to put up with this overgrown man baby Troll.

Beware of Brina and his continuing bullshit, he’s currently one of the most dangerous persons to democracy in Tamworth, despite preaching morals and decency he has neither and never had.

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