These are our site stats for the last 30 days. It has been higher, it has been consistently around this level for a while now. In short we have an audience, an audience that came to find us and visit us regularly. We have made our ‘editorial’ (if you will) positions clear, such as our dislike for socialists and it is evident we have a bias towards the Tories. We cannot and never will deny that. We have not given the Tories an easy time, if you’re a regular reader then you’ll know this. We will give anyone a hard time if they talk bullshit.

Essentially, knowing what you know as a reader, it is up to you whether you keep visiting us and giving us the time of day. No-one is forcing you and you know what you’re getting, you do not have to believe a word we say, but we at least strive to find evidence to back certain posts up. For whatever reason, some people have taken it upon themselves to decide we are some kind of news site publishing unbiased content and aren’t happy when we go on the attack. We’ve never ever been that and never will be. We give an opinion, our opinion, an alternative viewpoint based on what we see. We exist as a site because previously, trolls and Facebook warriors could get away with whatever they liked without being challenged. If you don’t like it you don’t have to be here, we’re not on Facebook and won’t just appear in your feed.

We publish pretty much everything (and we’ve had some weird stuff or baseless conspiracies sent in) we get to the Mailbag even if it attacks us. We have never shied away from criticism, even if it has been angrily against us exercising a right to having our various opinions.

So, what’s the point of all this introspection? Because we aren’t immune to the type of criticism we get. In short we would like to give every party and every independent candidate the fair chance to publish an opinion piece on this site, unedited (not even with comment from us) as long as you like. Take up the offer if you will, or stick to letting the trolls push your message out for you and ignore us completely. What’s the point in ignoring us though, we are here, we have people visiting us, why not engage? What have you actually to lose?

Don’t all rush at once, if you’re part of a party then we only expect one representation covering all of your candidates. We need to know (and we are sure you’d agree) that we have to know this is coming from an official source before we publish it. So use an email address that you’ve published somewhere official if and when you send it. Email us: [email protected]

Deadline is Sunday 28th April. We will publish them all at the same time to avoid anyone responding to anyone else type contributions.

If we don’t get anything from anyone then we will slope off with our tail between our legs, upset and dejected and call you all meanies. It’s no skin off our nose after all. Your call.

Update 22/04/2024: We have our first one in.

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