You shall sit next to the Tame Facebook Troll during your probation period.

We recognise since we are anti socialist that we may critique them a little more harshly than people would perhaps like. In our effort to appeal to a wider audience for no other reasons than to keep an eye on our goal of telling the truth to the people of Tamworth. We don’t make any money from this site, so strangely enough neither would you.

How this all works in practice is simple. Send us your article under an identifiable email address to [email protected] and we will publish it as a reader contribution initially. You can sign it off with whatever pen name you wish and it shall be attributed to that. We shall not ever let your email address be known, and you can even remain anonymous (but identifiable) to us if you wish. Please don’t be put out if we don’t publish your article, it just might not fit what we are looking for, obviously we cannot give feedback.

Sounds good? Then get in touch.

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