Dear Reader, we have been publishing for a year, and we feel now is the time to get to know you better. We would absolutely love to extend a cordial invitation to you for the first ever Debunking Tamworth Open Day. Meet the handsome dashing daring Debunking Admin, the e-mail Urchin, the research wench, the editorial team, rattle the bars of the basement dwelling web developer and if he’s good feed him treats we have available (subject to availability and extra cost).

We are taking tours on a strictly first come first served basis meeting at the Butter Market under the Town Hall in Tamworth at 12pm today sharp. We have hired a tamed Facebook troll to collect you and bring you to our secret headquarters Tamworth Towers on foot. He will be muzzled for the occasion ladies gentlemen and everything in between, so please do not be concerned. Most of the team cannot be exposed to sunlight or fear for their lives if they step out of the building due to a large Leicestershire Troll sniffing around outside.

Drinks and snacks will not be available, what do you think we are? We only earned £3 from the Amazon adverts we recently trialled on the site because you tight buggers didn’t buy anything. Toilet facilities will be available, so long as you’re happy to bottle or bag it afterwards as our pipes are about as blocked up as Brina’s sense of decency.

So please do come along, and after your tour we would appreciate a small token by way of a review to our contact page. We look forward to seeing you there! How exciting!

Updated: Thank you to those who turned up. It was excellent to meet you all.

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