So desperate is the dirty angry troll that is Paul Brina Brindley to find out who Debunking is, it seems he’s hired someone to do it for him. Not only that he’s roped in some local businesses to do his dirty work for him. We’ve been sent screenshots this morning, by someone who has been doing their duty to Tamworth by complaining about Brina to his advertiser’s. It seems Brina has instructed these businesses to send back a link with the aim of tracking whomever it was that sent the message, in the belief it would lead to Debunking Towers. Only the dope he hired thought they’d get more than one business to send the same link and a similar message independently.

The link points to fake Debunking content hosted here which of course will track your IP address if you go to it (it’s safe other than that). It’s quite clever used with a ‘URL shortening service’ to give a preview of what appears to be our site. We know that the troll is brainless, so he’s definitely paid someone to do this for him. We’ve seen the domain before, and to be frank we just aren’t that stupid.

What concerns us most about all of this is that apparently Mark Webster estate agents and Tamworth Financial services are not only happy to pay the troll for advertising to keep on trollin’, but they’re happy to get involved in his dirty work too. Presumably since they appear to now know the existence of this site and what Brindley gets up to, they’re happy with it, and happy with their business being associated with him.

Brindley, do yourself a favour and pay a bit more cash out to someone who isn’t so daft. You might stand a chance then.

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