Interesting how when you’ve been branded Heartless, you try your very best to dispel that rumour. How best to do that?

Step 1: Maybe go out with Tamworths’ borough council funded Street Angels for the first time ever, make a post about it on your candidate page (above).

Step 2: Put lots of hearts in the post and reference being a mother to really make that connection with the people. Emphasise it was shock horror! Raining! As if to make yourself more of a hero for doing what this organisation does in all weathers.

Step 3: Commit to going out with the Street Angels again, despite having never had an interest in them before the election, and likely will never go out with them again ever, because this was just to make yourself look good to voters.

Step 4: Post about your outing on the local Glascote Facebook page to maximise your chances of voters seeing how lovely and definitely not heartless you are and that you were totally doing this to support the street angels.

Step 5: Even better than that, get our not so local Tamworth troll Paul Brina Brindley to promote it for you on every single one of his troll farm pages. Almost as if it was coordinated?

Of course Brina neglects to mention that the Street Angels likely would have folded when their founders retired, and were saved when senior Tories stepped in to make sure they were funded every year. Not that they made as much a fuss of it as Helen has going out with them for one night (again as plenty of others have done).

Helen, to us you will always be heartless having exposed yourself as such expecting councillors to turn up to council meetings regardless of being ill “because you voted for these people to be your voices. They could at least show up, right?” This using a good charitable hard working group to further your own political agenda is disgusting behaviour. They need more real volunteers, not opportunists who use them.

Naturally we shall keep an eye out to see Helen if you ever bother to go out with the Angels again regularly, as we shall check your attendance at Council meetings, if you’ve managed to fool enough people to vote for you. Glascote deserves better than you though Helen.

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