[Only one Candidate answered our call for an unedited (full disclosure, we’ve put some paragraph spaces in) uncommented submission of theirs to appear on our site in the interests of fairness. We publish that here today. We will continue to take submissions up until Tuesday if anyone has a change of heart.]

Dear sir/madam has a sitting councillor I just want to put the record straight about glascote and all the lies the labour party have been peddling about how it’s a forgotten estate well the stats show labour have had majority of councillors since 2002 and in my view have used glascote as a political football over the years

don’t get me wrong could I have done more in my time has councillor YES I could of done more and I will always strive to do more but glascote is not forgotten it gets as much funding as any other ward and if a resident have problems the council do react probably not always to a resident satisfaction but the officers do their best .

there is on going issues in glascote with parking issues, sewage drainage,tress, street signage,while I’ve been a councillor I’ve tried to address these issues and will continue to do so but you are dealing with different departments ie.TBC, county council, street scene, with some departments more forthcoming than others.

people tend to forget that it’s not that long ago we had COVID and lock downs which had effect on all councils and budgets, which effected plans I had for glascote to address some of the issues I’ve mentioned but it didn’t stop me from helping residents with their problems and I can say honestly that I acted on all concerns that a resident raised with me

there is one resident who I may off let down due to lack of communication which I am very sorry to have let that resident down so if you from glascote and you are reading this and you believe that glascote is a forgotten estate blame labour DON’T VOTE FOR THE SAME VOTE FOR CHANGE VOTE TO RE-ELECT JOHN WADE ON THE 2ND OF MAY

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