Well that’s enough for us, hopefully this is the confirmation we hoped for that he’s not going to throw his hat into the ring and interfere with yet another election. We made clear that the election idea was just a theory of ours, and it seems people have run with it. Of course, the other theory is that the meeting, which he denies happened (we have a good source though), could have been to broker support from his tame troll to assist the election campaign of our career MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards. Now that very much is likely, and we can expect the Spotted Tamworth troll to get on that with task shortly.

Kingstone makes out to be the upstanding gentleman of Tamworth, he most certainly is not and we would never believe just his word. He may well have voted against Carol Dean being leader of the Council, but he did his utmost along with the troll to make sure she and her party got into power. His dirty tricks and lies know no bounds, there are still people who hold on to his every word as if they were gospel. Especially from this guy who demonstrates his idiocy for the world to see.

Kingstones’ comment section is always a beautiful demonstration of just how deluded and devoted a population can be to what is essentially just an image cultivated by this man. There is literally nothing for most of Kingstones’ page followers to go on about him, other than what he has told them. Yet they swallow everything he says down gratefully. And then there was Ron:

We still can’t get over a grown man posting a bizzare gif after every comment.

We mischievously toyed with the idea that this implies Ron believes everything we say, apart from this. Ron though doesn’t know what he believes and is just generally hostile when the hamster spins up the wheel powering his teeny brain. If you read this site regularly, we openly declare everything as our opinion and an alternative side to the very much one sided stories of the trolls who occupy the Tamworth digital space. Just a little reminder for anyone new here.

Jason Aston crawls out from under his rock to make an appearance too, a mentally ill man who had to have a community order slapped on him for intimidating his neighbours, and counts Danny Cook as one of his best mates (ask anyone he boasted to about having the Leader of the council in his pocket). We have also heard recently how he bullied and shoved the Conservative candidate he was standing against, Roy Rogers, outside a polling station in Wilnecote during the 2023 elections. What a lovely man, he is also believe it or not a Freemason, and we know all about the plots a particular faction of them have been involved in. Quite what this ‘progress’ he speaks of that the subject of his ire are meant to be jealous of, is of course not expanded upon.

This is the kind of company Kingstone keeps of course, and you’ll note that he will never hide or remove the comments from people slagging off those he does not like. Very upstanding behaviour. As for the meeting, we stand by the source who advised us of it, unless we categorically get proof for certain it was not Kingstone, and there are not many others who look like him! We definitely know Edwards was there and that the selfies that were taken did not appear on Facebook. And we all know how strange that is don’t we.

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