Career MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards and Gaslighting Disgrace Councillor Richard Kingstone recently met at Poachers Café in Church Street Tamworth. What’s interesting about this is that despite Edwards taking a glut of selfies inside the otherwise empty establishment, not one of them ended up on her social media. Or his for that matter. She even ended the meeting with a selfie outside. Now if you know anything about Edwards, you will know how very unusual that is that these photos didn’t immediately grace her socials. Especially when they involve food.

So what did they talk about whilst Kingstone was downing his customary fry up? Well at this stage we can only theorise, and what a theory we have. When the election was announced this afternoon for 4th July, the new fangled Edison lightbulbs in Debunking Towers popped. We sniff a potential deal with Kingstone to stand for MP, with no intention of winning, to split the vote, take Tory votes from Eddie Hughes, and ensure a tenuous victory for Edwards. If you think that’s far fetched, please remember who Kingstone got to do his dirty work in a plot to bring down a Councillor recently. Not to mention the email entrapment scheme before it.

Don’t forget, Edwards will be desperate to win the Tamworth seat permanently, since she’s gone through the career route having obtained a promotion almost immediately. She’s had a taste for Westminster, doesn’t give a shit about Tamworth, and needs that power. We imagine she’s been given the promise of a senior role if she wins Tamworth again as a reward. The people of Tamworth (who know not what they do), will undoubtedly fall over themselves to vote for her in the name of the fabled ‘change’.

Whilst this election announcement has undoubtedly caught MPs on the hop (we have word that they definitely were not expecting it), we expect the dirty little scheme, if we are indeed right, to set in motion imminently. They haven’t got long let’s face it. This would be right up Kingstones’ alley, and he just loves the feeling of importance and attention this will give him with little risk to him. Of course, there’s the matter of the election deposit, which we are sure will be taken care of for him somehow.

So let’s see. We wonder if there will be notification of yet another ‘special announcement’ on Kingstones’ page in the coming days. We are of course, still waiting for the last one.

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