We had an intriguing mailbag message a few days ago regarding a certain Councillor, and we dug a bit further into it with our contacts. Having now established that it’s true (greatly helped by the change in administration at the Council naturally) we can reveal that Tamworth Royal British Legion Chair Councillor Tina Clements attempted to change the forthcoming date of National Armed Forces Day, simply because she had a hair appointment booked, and a photo opportunity that would clash.

Clements who was in charge of events at the Council until the recent election ousted the Tories, instructed Council officers to move the national day of remembrance, to a day different from the rest of the entire nation, entirely for her own personal whims. Once senior members of the Royal British Legion Tamworth branch found out about this egotistical change of plans, they were quick to air their great displeasure and force the issue to a head.

Clements realising the chances of her getting this one past colleagues were nil, hastily changed the date back to when it should be, which is the 29th June. You can see the advertisement with the trademark all lower case wording (and the wrong address) apparently synonymous with Clements.

This is of course a pretty astonishing revelation, but apparently not entirely surprising given Clements’ proclivity for attention seeking and gaffes. Having an entire day dedicated to our Armed Forces moved because you’ve got a hair cut and a photo op you don’t want to miss, has got to be one of the most shocking things we’ve heard of here at Debunking. Hence we made efforts to establish from numerous sources as this whether it was true, and we’re fairly certain a few will happily testify to it publicly.

We at Debunking feel that Clements is a disgrace to the Royal British Legion Tamworth Branch and probably shouldn’t be heading it up. How she has the nerve to continue in this position is beyond us.

PS: If anyone has a screenshot of the Facebook event with the old date on it, we will give you a decent amount of Debunking Gold Stars.

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