We’ve been told that the Labour group are avid readers of Debunking, although they do tend to cry foul when we say something they don’t like, conveniently ignoring the bashings we give to almost everyone. However, it is nice to see that Tamworths’ ‘first citizen’ Mayor Coates has enjoyed our commentary about him and his first meeting.

What our esteemed Mayor didn’t do was link to us or even say where the text praising him came from. We have been relegated to ‘nice comments on the Internet’. Leaving us to feel most upset and dejected. It seems Debunking is still a dirty word even if you want to use our content to big yourself up.

We will take solace in the fact that the Mayor of Tamworth is a reader of this website and humbly ask if we may use ‘Debunking Tamworth – By Appointment to The Mayor of Tamworth Gareth Coates’ under our ‘logo’. After all, the Mayor is the Kings representative in Tamworth, and it is quite an honour.

We shall wait with anticipation for our confirmed endorsement, and commit to sickly fawning over our new Mayor for the duration of his term.

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