Dearest Gentle Reader. We feel it is probably going to be a slow news week, we might even have to go and check on Ron again at some point and hope he delivers. In the meantime, we thought this was fun. Apparently Sarah Edwards, MP for Moseley North is going to deliver a ‘fresh’ start for Tamworth. We presume whomever her social media pleb is (because she certainly doesn’t deign to touch it) meant to put ‘and’ the Villages. Might want to correct that, wouldn’t want those villages thinking they’re an after thought now would we.

Quite how the incumbent MP is going to deliver a fresh start is anyone’s guess. Although some people believe the smell of manure signifies fresh. We in Tamworth often have to contend with the smell of fertiliser wafting across town, the bullshit produced on Sarah’s Facebook page certainly gives it a run for its money. It seems that the ever feisty Facebook commenters are having a field day on her page. So much so it seems her Facebook pleb appears to have given up deleting them.

Edwards who will no longer be anyone’s MP on Wednesday when parliament is dissolved, has got to be the most unpopular Labour MP we’ve seen amongst what we would deem ‘regular’ people, and even the council group didn’t want her as their parliamentary representative. This means in Tamworth at least, Eddie Hughes MP actually might stand a chance. Although we predict a total wipeout for the Conservatives nationally, despite recent efforts to finally distinguish themselves from their socialist colleagues and tap back into the grey vote by rousing them with the words ‘National Service’.

The email urchin we employ here at Debunking, isn’t really keen on that policy, but we did note he could learn cyber security, and perhaps keep us safe from trolls who threaten DDoS attacks against us on Councillor Richard Kingstones’ Facebook page. A threat of an illegal act that naturally Kingstone ignored. We would absolutely love to see someone try by the way.

The people of Tamworth will likely put a lot of stead into Reform at this general election, no doubt fronted by Ian Cooper, a man so reviled by some, that we’ve even had mail about him.

When he was Chairman of the Tamworth Conservative Association, he [Ian Cooper] did such a bad job that complaints were made to the Central party and after a full investigation into how he was running the Association, he was given 2 choices, resign as Chairman or his boss the Rt Hon Ken Clarke MP would be informed, which would lead to Cooper losing his job as Ken’s constituency office manager, and Tamworth Conservative Association would be placed in special measures. Cooper chose to resign quietly and wasn’t voted out by the members.

Reform offer nothing new of course other than an opportunity to split the vote and get Labour in. Their ilk are simply attention seeking Tories, who well and truly spat their dummies, such as Ian Cooper, who just had to try and fulfill his political fantasies one way or another. We suspect the DDT’s (Daft Disillusioned Tories, toxic for common sense) will vote for him in their throngs because they think it will somehow be better voting for Tory Lite rather than the real deal.

Back to Sarah Edwards, who as we can see above was so prepared for the election she’d already created a video announcing it quite some time before it officially was. She’s done nothing but do a selfie tour of eateries since being elected and as we can see from the public comments, isn’t winning any friends. This election will be very interesting.

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