Yes it’s that bad. No-one is apparently doing anything and no-one is leaking anything. We do have some interesting bits in the pipeline which we need to do more digging on. For now though you’ll have to do with a Ron Brown Tamworth Examiner roundup. Sheesh, it’s a good job we don’t do this for the money isn’t it.

As you will see above, Ron is moaning about paying the BBC Dosh as if it’s not a choice. So we thought we’d help him out on this one. The merits of paying for a public service broadcaster are not something we really want to get into, but it is what it is. If you watch live TV or iPlayer then you have to pay the Beeb. Simples. But Ron, if you want to pay £160 a year to the NHS then you can, how wonderful for you! And you can tell everyone on the Examiner that you have done just that.

All Ron has to do, is stop watching live TV and iPlayer, not renew his TV licence and set up a regular donation of the licence fee money he’s saved right here at NHS Charities Together. It’s the solution to his complaint and he can put his money where his rather large mouth is. No-one after all is forcing him to watch TV, and if the BBC stop getting as much licence income then they’ll have to change their funding method won’t they? What’s the actual likelihood of him actually doing this? We imagine practically zero because the man prefers to moan and he’s probably a secret Doctors fan and he’s pissed off that it is being canned.

Then Ron is back to completely ignoring how society works, and why it works the way it does, and why we aren’t all living lord of the flies style in our Sceptred Isle. Ron is confused of course because membership of parties does not equal voters of said parties, otherwise they’d both be rolling in it (saying that they actually probably are anyway). That piece of logic isn’t enough to stop Ron ranting about the country being run by one party. It does make you wonder how he managed a career at Intel of all places without trying to cause a revolution and take over the company to do it his way.

He also takes a pop at the political parties going around asking people their opinions, this from a man who bitterly complains that the general population are not listened to. We know from speaking to our contacts that it is no easy feat standing there being complained at on the doorsteps, but they do it anyway. Dealing with arseholes is just part of the job, but thankfully for them it sounds like Ron hides from callers at the door like the man child he is. Meanwhile over on Sarah Edwards Campaigner for Moseley North, there’s someone who wants their door knocked. These politicians can’t win can they?

Bless Linda Davis for not having a clue, Linda of course knows what Eddie Hughes has or has not done for Walsall because she has an intimate knowledge of his office operations and constituency casework. Strangely enough the real work gets done behind the scenes and not by gobbing off and attention grabbing standing up in parliament saying meaningless things. Considering this lady actually thinks Chris Pincher and Eddie Hughes resemble eachother shows you her intelligence level, and that of the average Labour voter, having identified the person she’s replying to as ‘Not a Labour Voter’ because they’ve dared think for themselves. Pincher was also let’s not forget, not allowed to do parliamentary showboating due to the jobs he had in Government.

Anyway, thank you Ron. We said we’d be checking in on you if we really were having a slow week and you didn’t fail to deliver as usual. You’re still a prize muppet and we appreciate you filling a dry patch. We look forward to hearing you’ve given your TV licence the heave ho and started sending money to the NHS instead.

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