The pre-election bullshit is strong in this one. Former MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards is pushing her parties’ rhetoric on illegal immigration, failing to see the irony that the Tories do indeed have a plan, but they were blocked at every turn by Labour supporters in court. Now because they stopped the first plane taking off and challenged the scheme in court, they can make posts like this. The Rwanda scheme is quite simple, deter the illegal immigrants in the first place (as we’ve seen is happening with the sudden interest in Ireland) and send them to a safe country they don’t want to be in if they still proceed to enter our country.

Naturally Labours’ big plan is to spend even more tax payers money and add yet more agencies with people employed by the state (usually then loyal to the government for giving them a job) and complicating matters horrendously. It just doesn’t make sense unless you realise that Labour essentially just leave everything in a complex mess for someone else to sort out when they ballsed everything up. Sarah’s definitely not a details person though, as we can see from yet another one of her faux pas below.

Even when Sarah is meant to be doing something good, and making someone feel special, she can’t even get her facts right. Can’t even go to the effort of making sure the basics are covered. This amazing Tamworth girl who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, sadly didn’t get through to the live finals of the show. Sarah, who as ever is happy to jump on any bandwagon, said this.

We doubt Edwards even watched the show. At best she got someone like her office lackey and minder, former Councillor Simon Peaple, to write up a letter and slap her signature on it. Probably actually making her feel a little worse about the fact that she didn’t get through. The young lady deserved much better than an afterthought from Edwards who no doubt knew the letter would end up on social media.

As we said, Edwards is definitely not a details person, and she doesn’t and never will give a shit about Tamworth. She is interested in one thing alone, power and a parliamentary career. These kind of antics amongst the many others sadly prove it.

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