We are not sure if this page and it’s admins can actually ever post anything truthful. It seems they are only interested in being a lie and conspiracy factory. Take a look at this post:

Now you can see how harmful misinformation and missing out context is in this case. You have Shelley here asking whether they’re building on the pitches. Mark Hopkins has decided that Anker Valley is being ‘redeveloped’ and of course in most people’s minds that means houses. So let’s look at the truth shall we:

Now as we can see, the football pitches are going nowhere. They are just being upgraded to 3G all weather use pitches to allow the facility to be used in all weathers. No houses in sight here. We are not quite sure what Hopkins has against this, we can’t fathom why he’s calling it a redevelopment and why he thinks politicians should be taking flack for implementing something the community actually wanted. It’s not building on green spaces at all, the football pitches are already there. Evidently from what he’s said “haven’t seen anything on planning yet” suggests he’s seen the title but not bothered to actually look at the plans and understand what’s going on before mashing his keyboard. I guess we shouldn’t expect more from people who have nothing better to do than pick fault with anything and everything and to hell with the truth.

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