Showing just how much of a kind caring compassionate man he really is, Major Misinformation Ron Brown has decided to use an image of a tragedy to make what we are sure he believes to be an excellent political joke at the expense of the Tories. Unfortunately it is also at the expense of the 32 people who died on that ship the Costa Concordia in January 2012. Ron Brown who administrates the Tamworth Examiner Facebook group often shows a complete detachment from reality on his group along with his Cronies Mark Hopkins and Lisa Aucote who encourage him on. Ron who (to give you some idea of his mental state), believes everything that is spewed out of AI chats is both accurate and real, despite quick Google searches establishing that in fact quite a bit of what he presents as fact is made up, has outdone himself on the insensitive and abhorrence scale this time. So long as you had a laugh hey Ron.

Updated: We’d love to think these are Debunking Readers fighting the good fight. Gold stars for you both.

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