We don’t really have to say much on this one. Major Misinformation Ron Brown over at Tamworth Examiner hasn’t really examined much to come to the wrong conclusion that Tamworth Borough Council aren’t very good at choosing their auditors.

This is just a small chunk of Ron’s very long winded and meaningless post. But we only need to focus in on “Makes you wonder about the quality of TBC’s auditor selection process”. Now if Ron actually cared, if Ron actually knew anything, if Ron actually bothered to find anything out for himself rather than just speculate and spew out random crap he gets from his AI friends, (that miss out huge amounts of context and plain make things up sometimes), then he’d know that Tamworth Borough Council doesn’t pick its own auditors, the PSAA do. They do this for most Councils up and down the Country because quite simply it’s cheaper and easier for Councils do it this way. Tamworth has done it this way for years. But of course for Ron, everything is a huge conspiracy, especially the fact that apparently the audio cut out on the video of a council Audit meeting ‘just as they were asking questions’. Ron doesn’t care that this was a technical glitch, Ron would like you to think there’s an underhanded reason as to why you couldn’t hear anything. Even though if he really was bothered he’d have been there in the audience where any member of the public can hear anything that’s going on (unless of course there is a commercial or staff sensitive item that can’t be public). Ron doesn’t bother going to council meetings anymore, he just heckles from the sidelines spouting crap and lies, rather than actually really holding anyone to account as people should.

Ron then goes on to reply to his own comment with a ‘witty’ retort to his own coma inducing post. Then of course he has a pop at Debunking Tamworth. We defend against misinformation Ron, and we know AI is not something you rely upon for factual answers. Ron reminds us of this US Lawyer who thought he was clever by using AI in court proceedings. Boy was he wrong. So yes Ron, we shall shoot the AI messenger, and happily call you out for the disgusting misinformation and lies you punt to people in your group regularly. We will stick to using sources that know what they’re talking about thank you very much.

Updated: We thought it would be fun if ChatGPT knew more than Ron.

Even more updated: We actually thought we’d delve a bit more into Ron’s AI claims from his post. We didn’t go further than the first two regarding Grant Thornton but they are completely false, there is no evidence of that firm being fined £150,000 for anything. Then it states that Grant Thornton were censured in 2020 for failing to highlight a £100million shortfall in the assets of Northamptonshire County Council, also false as their auditors in 19/20 were KPMG and then Ernst & Young. We didn’t go any further, we didn’t need to.

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