Labours’ Heartless Helen Hadley has decided to cancel her surgery due to illness. Not her own illness mind you, but colleague Councillor Chris Bain who has Covid. Of course we were going to have someone to say about this, because we vowed her words, carelessly spouted during the election campaign that elected representatives should turn up to meetings even if they’re sick, would come back to haunt her.

Now she’s gone and cancelled a surgery, possibly her first (we haven’t checked) because a colleague has inevitably become ill, as happens to regular human beings every now and then. We hope she’s suitably admonished her colleague for having the gall to be ill and not being there to help residents. Naturally, as a couple of contributors to our Mailbag have pondered, why couldn’t she do these herself? For safety she could have taken literally anyone else with her to be around, but instead chose to ditch the entire thing.

Some might say she’s perhaps not confident enough without an experienced colleague. That simply wouldn’t be a good enough excuse. She’s been confident enough to ask people where she should have litter cameras placed (despite having no say whatsoever where they go, since Councillors apparently have to request them). She’s also made plenty of assertions over her and her colleagues’ ability to do the job over the election campaign. Of course, Labour were meant to be new and better than the Tories. For Helen though, the illness of someone else is enough for her to brush off what might have been an important opportunity for a resident to contact her for help.

We shouldn’t really be surprised, we saw what was coming with this now Councillor, and we await that fateful day when she fails to turn up at an actual Council meeting because life or illness got in the way. If she’s arrogant enough to have put the words she did out in public to help her get elected, then she will have to be tough enough to take the stick we will give her if she doesn’t attend.

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