Labour is going to “increase access to nature” says former MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards. We think this is what she saw in her head when she made this statement:

Presumably someone deep in the Labour party focus group dungeon spotted that Tamworth has a lot of green space around it, and had the bright idea that voters might want to be at one with nature, more so than they are already here. Of course Sarah being Sarah and severely lacking in the details department, ignores the fact that Tamworth has a decent amount of nature reserves, nature walks, and river and canal walks as it is, we are surrounded by them. If we had any more nature we’d have to set up a nudist beach next to borrowpit lake.

As for Sarah having allegedly taken a walk along the canal she appears next to, we highly doubt the city career girl stepped anywhere nearer to it than she did in the picture. We imagine Sarah’s only real connection to nature is swatting the flies away from her election bullshit. Apparently though Labour doesn’t think we have enough nature and Sarah has duly trotted out the party line without thought to its relevance to Tamworth and the substantial surrounding rural villages.

Who exactly is Labour going to protect the green spaces from in any case, especially since their last election promises involved building on more of it? Voters however have short memories and no doubt this diatribe appeals to those who think Sarah has done wonders for Tamworth and is a ‘breath of fresh air’ by merely having stood up in parliament and said ‘Tamworth’ multiple times. Apparently that’s the gold standard to which her Facebook followers hold her as our representative. Let’s hope sense prevails at the general election at least for Tamworth and people ‘thumper*’ ridiculous irrelevant crap away at the ballot box.

*Yeah we know but it made us smirk, don’t take that away from us.

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