She is shameless, she is careless, and she’s using a sombre occasion for Facebook fodder. If it wasn’t in the headline, you’d probably already know we are talking about Sarah Edwards, former MP for Moseley North. Sarah is the master of faux pas, and here on her Facebook is her yet again giving not a shit. Wigginton is not spelt Wiggington and even our spell check tried to change that.

What exactly is she doing? She is keen to push her ‘care’ for ‘the villages’ and is making sure she’s getting her photo ops in, whilst getting probably the most important bit wrong, the actual name of the place she’s in. Her lack of care and respect for these places is astonishing. As is her use of war memorials for political photo opportunities on what was such a poignant day for our country. Prior to this she had even brought David Lammy up to the Staffordshire Museum, a man whose comments about the death of Indians in WWII as an argument for Brexit would you’d imagine rule him out going anywhere near such a place. Not for Edwards though.

We honestly think that Edwards is quite possibly the most vile person we could have standing for our town to be MP and she should be driven out of it with Pitchforks. The idea that this career obsessed full time MP wannabe is suitable when she blatantly and openly cannot be bothered to care about our town and the constituency as a whole is abhorrent. Anybody but her Tamworth, surely you’ve seen enough?

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