We are somewhat disappointed naturally, it seems that Councillor Carol Dean has headed off any threats of a coup from her younger members and remains leader of the Tamworth Labour Group. Of course, as Labour are now in control of Tamworth Borough Council that means she’s now leader of that too. Oh dear. Carol has not got a great track record of even running meetings correctly let alone a whole council, her competency for this job remains questionable.

How long she can remain in this position is very much down to her now. Although blood has been sniffed in the Labour waters and given the group have not been in power for 21 years, someone may still be getting ambitious. For the town, well we can only hope the destruction isn’t too wanton and all at once. How they will explain to their voters that the golf course money is still in the council kitty when they told everyone on the doorsteps it had vanished will be interesting when they likely fritter it all away.

In our opinion here at Debunking, which of course everyone takes very seriously as political commentators of renowned note, we think Labour would have been better ripping off the plaster now and making a fresh start with a new leader. It was obvious to even their own people that Dean just cannot cut the mustard. Thanks to our new mole for the info.

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