Among the many miracles of life, have you ever wondered where new Labour voters come from? Well the answer is right here in the clear everyone for you all to see. We’ve previously said Labour like to get them young, well here’s the proof.

Speak to many younger (say mostly under 50) Labour voters and you will in fact find that they have been told to vote Labour by their parents for fear of being shunned. The threat is real enough that they duly go and vote at the ballot box for their parents’ choice rather than their own, without daring to think for themselves. The above post by Heartless Helen Hadley just shows you the mentality of the average Labour voter, their new baby WILL vote Labour when they’re older whether they want to or not. The indoctrination and brainwashing comes early. Naturally Helen doesn’t think there’s anything at all wrong with this and didn’t even consider saying “maybe you should let them grow up to think for themselves”.

It is quite scary that people like this exist in this world. Labour are essentially a cult people belong to rather than a political party, with factions like the Corbyn loving ‘Momentum‘ for one (they have so many they’ve even got their own Wikipedia page!) and let’s not forget the unions that fail to help anyone who would need them, other than those who work as (for example) train drivers, who already being well paid, failed to capture public support for their constant strikes paralysing the country last year. Who else do unions really help really given our employment laws in the UK are much much better than say the United States where unions are actually needed and work?

The sense of entitlement among Labours union members is huge, and they know they can bully Labour governments who get in to power, because they got them there in the first place. Labour unions pay for pretty much everything their party puts in your face either via the letterbox or advertising, you can normally see it printed proudly on election literature you receive. Naturally the Unions get substantial voting rights and influence. Should it also surprise you that our MP Sarah Edwards was a union rep and has been fast tracked for promotion?

Aww look at them. They’ve even got the branded clipboards, in fact they’ve got branded everything if you see their more fanatical members, who make Tory Boy pale into comparison. As we’ve observed before, they’re a hive mind, and it’s totally not creepy at all is it. We feel so sorry for any child forced to grow up without the gift of independent thought, even if they ended up deciding they wanted to vote Labour after having that freedom. Posts like Helen’s are just a sad indication scratching the surface of Labours grip on their voters.

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